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The Law Offices of Gerald R. Della Torre offer comprehensive legal support for residential real estate transactions. Whether you’re buying or selling, the Firm’s experienced representation will guide you through negotiations, lender interactions, title insurance, and closing.

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Before you incur any expense of inspections or mortgage applications, check with this office to verify that all parties have signed the contract and any addenda. Advise of any agreements between you and the sellers regarding personal property, repairs, change of closing dates or any other matters not contained in the contract.


Diary all contingency dates, such as: Termite, Home Inspection, Septic Inspection, Well Inspection, and Mortgage contingency dates. Communicate with your real estate agent regarding the scheduling of all inspections and mortgage applications. If any of the dates cannot be met, contact this office immediately so that we may request an extension. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in a waiver of the contingency.


If any of the inspections reveal defects, communicate with this office immediately. Attempt to obtain written estimates for repair of the defective condition. Your realtor may help obtain estimates. Promptly submit these written estimates to the Firm to enable communication with the seller’s attorney toward resolving cost contributions by each party.


Prior to closing make arrangements through the realtor to establish utilities in your name.


Prior to closing, you must obtain a homeowner’s insurance policy and supply this office and the mortgage lender with a copy. The legal name and correct address for the lending institution must also appear on the policy. Discuss with your insurance agent the insurance amounts of coverage needed as well as related insurance needs.


Do not make repairs or move property into your new home until after closing.


One day before closing contact this office for the amount of funds you will require at the closing. You must deposit, via wire, certified, cashier’s or treasurer’s checks made payable to the closing agent's trust account, for closing.


You must make arrangements through the realtor to conduct a walk-through inspection on the day of the closing. At the time of the walk-through inspection, check all heating, electrical, plumbing, and septic systems, as well as appliances. Any issues must be addressed PRIOR to completing the closing as upon closing, all claims “merge” and cannot be raised after closing.


Any disputes arising after the closing, that require the services of this office, will be billed on an hourly basis consistent with my current rates for civil matters.


In the event your performance under the Contract of Sale is contingent upon obtaining mortgage financing, it is customary for this office to refrain from ordering required items such as title insurance, survey or survey certificates, etc., until a firm and unconditional mortgage commitment has been issued by the lender. In the event you wish to have these items ordered on your behalf prior to receipt of firm approval from your mortgage company, please note that you may still be charged for the full cost of these services in the event your application for mortgage financing is ultimately denied by your lender.


Be prepared for unanticipated delays in closing. Also, do not make any arrangements concerning the termination of your present residential lease agreement, the delivery of furniture to your new home, the scheduling of a moving company to transport your personal property to your new home, or other such matters until you confirm the scheduling of a firm closing date with this office.

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